This is the launch of a new website for the Mt. Washington Historical Society!  The blog will serve to keep everyone updated with the current goings-on of the Society.

We had our second monthly meeting for June last night.  After the meeting, we took a fieldtrip to the Lloyd House to see the newly painted dining room.  Dale Salmon and Greg Hilbert did a fantastic job of removing everything from the walls (including an old metal photo displaying track), repairing them, and repainting!  They also fixed up the mantle and fireplace surround and the built-in corner shelf in that room! 

Here are before pictures of the dining room.

That is the back of Melissa Thompson.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful job they did!

Our wonderful painters, Greg Hilbert and Judy Salmon

Greg and Judy at it again.

Dale Salmon and Greg showing off their work.

Bobby Darnell stopped by!

Our society group, from l to r: Bobby Darnell, Melissa Thompson, Charlie Long, Janice, Cozine, Arbidella Dooley, Greg Hilbert and Victory Stewart

We took a tour of the house to see how nice and clean everything on the first floor is after the Clean Up Day at the end of April.

The bathroom now has insulation in the walls, and is ready for drywall, flooring, and toilet to be installed.  Greg said at the meeting that he, Dale, and Don Jones (volunteered by his wife) would be working on doing the installation of the bathroom next.   The kitchen has been completley cleaned out, and several rotted out spots in the floor were discovered.  We haven't yet had any discussion of what we're going to do about that.

We are currently obtaining bids from contractors to repair and repaint the exterior of the house.  We are hoping to get it done this summer.

We finally have heating and air conditioning in the house!  In combination with the new digital thermostat that was installed several months ago, the house is finally temperature controlled!

Our next meeting will be July 5th at 7:00 at the Mt. Washington Annex Building.